How to place an ad

If you have an old motorcycle or parts for sale, or if you want an old motorcycle or parts, or if you have any suggestions, please email

Please send your advert e-mail as follows:

Subject line:                 Put ‘old motorcycles advert’

Body of e-mail:           Your advert

Please note:   What you write is what you will see on the website!

Attachments:              Send photos as an attachment in .jpeg format.

Please note:  ONLY ATTACHMENTS will be considered for adverts.  Do not embed photos in your e-mail or send them as word files, zip files or any other non .jpeg format. The photo quality will be the quality you send them as.

When your advert is up, check for correct phone numbers and email address.

THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR ADVERTS. But I do reserve the right of refusal. When it sells, email me referring to the DATE of the ad.

Please note: We have been advised that e-mails may attract hoax responses. Please be aware of any scammers.